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Club Meeting: September 25, 2021




Ahoy there matey! It’s been a strange TWO years for us pirates, hasn’t it? Well, for everyone, of course, but I’m a “gentleman rover,” so I’m talking pirates here. And rightly so, I mean, a pandemic is nothing to sneeze at. It’s as if we’ve all been marooned. Yeah, that’s it! For Pandemic Pirates, we haven’t been quarantined so much as marooned, each on our own island, with a few pirate family around us but mostly cut off from our filibuster family, as if languishing on the sands of some isolated beach with nary a palm tree for company. ‘Nough of this, say I! Arrr ye seekin treasure, glory, and adventure? Arrr ye tired of the ole’ quarantine? Well then, put on ye ole pegleg and get to Inside Out Toastmasters on September 25, 2021 to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Meeting Date/Time:

September 25, 2021
5:00-6:30pm Pacific