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Club Meeting: August 22, 2020




Each of our meetings at Inside Out Toastmasters has a unique theme. This week’s theme is [WOMEN!]. Notice the Exclamation mark. Our Vice President of Education, Alex Mayo, often comes up with the themes. In this case, he did not. Who did come up with the theme? Who knows! The theme was just sitting in our scheduling chart as if to make a point. WOMEN MUST BE HEARD… RESPECTED… VALUED… UNDERSTOOD… FOLLOWED… TRUSTED… Can I get an AMEN? If this is your theme, perhaps you will explain during our meeting why you chose this theme for our club meeting. If this was not your theme, perhaps you too can tell us why this theme means for you. Alex, who often finds himself writing these meeting blurbs, including this one, knows exactly why this theme is important. Ask him!


Meeting Date/Time:

August 22, 2020
5:00-6:30pm Pacific